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Thread: Recent decoying video

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    Recent decoying video

    This video was taken over barley stubble last week. Not a huge bag but I shot very well and a lot of the birds were challenging:

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    Nice bit of shooting ollie01, what size shot cartridges were you using and Shotty

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    Recent decoying video

    On this outing it was 28g 7.5 cartridges. The shotgun is the beretta al391 tekny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ollie01 View Post
    On this outing it was 28g 7.5 cartridges. The shotgun is the beretta al391 tekny.
    Very good...A mate and I use the same load in Eley. Works very well, hope there are a good number of replies as members come up short on comments unless it is loading data, twist rate, etc lol

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    Cheers fella. Trying to get the subscriptions up. Look at some of my other videos on my channel.

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    What camera you use ? I want one for my shooting ?


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    I am using an sj1000, it cost about 50 quid from eBay, cheap Chinese make. They do an sj4000 now which is a similar shape to the gopro, have a look at it on YouTube, it has wifi & all but be careful, there are a lot of fakes out there.

    Best way to tell the fake is the real ones have sjcam on the front of it. The best thing about the sjcams is that they are compatible with gopro mounts, I use a gopro head mount with this cam.

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    Good luck fella. I've had no problems with mine, may not be as good as gopro but worth the money.

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