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Thread: What do you clean that thing with?

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    What do you clean that thing with?

    I used to use Copper Melt, it was made in Canada and was the best stuff I have ever used. It was about $30 for a 6 oz. bottle but it came out to about .30 per cleaning as it took very little of it. I think they went out of business as I have not seen it for quite some time. Sweets 7.62 is good and I use it in my military rifles. I use KG 1 & KG 12 in all my other rifles and pistols, fantastic stuff. You can buy it on line. It smells like Windex and works like a charm. KG 1 removes the carbon and KG 12 removes the copper and or lead. What are you folks using?
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    Iv'e used Butches, it works.

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    Hoppes for a light clean, Wipe Out for a deep clean.

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    M98 bore cleaner (Same as C2R). Makes for really easy cleaning and dissolves the copper.

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    Wipeout & Wipeout Accelerator
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    I only use Forrest Bore Foam now - and a cloth to remove it after. You can leave it overnight with no problems, but a couple of hours is best,

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    C2R but I also like Forest Bore Foam., both very effective.

    First introduced to forest foam by a friend who couldn't get on with it as is got everywhere. He didn't realise that you have to put the hose in the bore and not just spray it into the barrel from a short distance away.
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    I like KG1 and KG12, the latter is outstanding for copper removal. Will have to find local stockist as running low.

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    Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent and Montana X-Treme Copper Killer.
    To be honest their Bore Solvent is so good I very rarely use the Copper Killer.


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