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Thread: 25-06 Loads

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    25-06 Loads

    Looking for some advice on suitable loads / powder for my mates 25-06? A load / bullet / powder that's good for vermin / roe deer etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am using 117g Sierra boat tails on top of 51g of Hodgson 4831SC - the roe go straight down and stay there.
    Rifle is a Steyr Manlicher pro mountain II.


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    53g Vit 160 under 100g Speer Hotcore - "lightning bolt" on any UK deer.

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    Nossler 120gr "Partition" 50.5-IMR 4831 fed gold match primer and crimp bullet for all my Deer and Hornady 75gr V-MAX 48.5 H4895 F.G.M Primer crimp bullet for vermin and Fox. Work's for me

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    SIERRA 117gn spsp and 55.5gn H100 and 56gn H100 have given me these grouping results ,56gn (closest to centre line ) and 55.5gn (furthest left ) in a tikka t3 lw and jager mod ,but PLEASE CHECK AND WORK UP TO A SAFE LOAD YOURSELF before trying these loads !

    hopefully the image will work!

    +1 for the vmax /4895 and cci primer combo "devastating , for VERMIN ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ( in my tikka they shoot almost 1" HIGHER and on the same line )

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    i agree with the speer hotcore 100grns and 53grn of vhit n160 cracking load!!!!!! but work up to it of course charge wise.

    also 87grn tnt hollow points were blisteringly accurate but cant remember what powder and grn charge was ......but helluva accurate and some stopping power they mushroomed really well

    i prefer 100grns in bullet weight for this calibre......from what ive used to date it seems to be the best "all rounder" & "performer" thats in a 1 in 10 twist barrell


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    55g of R22, CCI Mag primer, 100g Barnes TSX gives 3102fps in a Tikka T3, works brilliantly on deer and shoots to the same point of impact as 58g R22 CCI Mag Speer 100 at 3270fps.

    Barnes would go faster but this allows cheap practise. Speer 100g tended to blow up in fallow.

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