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Thread: Tikka T3 22-250 Ammo Advice

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    Tikka T3 22-250 Ammo Advice

    I have just ordered a Tikka T3 Varmint with a 600mm barrel with a 1/14 twist in 22-250 calibre which will be a foxing rifle. If anyone has one or something similar in 22-250 could you advise me on a good factory round please.


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    Hi Bryn..

    Great caliber, mine loves either the Hornady Vmax 55g and the Sako 55g Gameheads, which are are soft point and great on Roe, obviously if you go north of the boarder…

    Both them rounds, in my rifle, hit as near as makes no difference, the same poi. My rifle has the 1/14 twist also, at least I think it has. It's the gun beginning with ''B'' . The one we do not speak about.. So someone might put me right on that shortly.

    I've tried the Hornady Vmax in 50g, they were good too..

    Go have some fun!!

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    Mine loved 50grn Hornady vmax, cheers

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    With the same rifle, so far I have achieved:

    1in group at 100yrd with Sako 50grn Arrowheads, my current foxing round
    1in group at 100yrd with Remington 50grn Accutip-V
    .35in group at 100yrds with Norma 50grn vmax, my fav but hard to find atm
    1in group at 100yrds with Winchester 55grn Varmint-X
    3-4in group at 100yrds with Federal 55grn SP, rifle didn't like these
    couldn't get a decent group out of 20rnds with 43grn Federal Speer TnT

    All in all the rifle is great and there's a good selection I can go to with confidence for foxing but best way to find out is to get out in the field and try different rounds to see what the rifle likes.



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    Mine liked the Hornady 55g vmax but really loved the hornady 50g superformance. Very fast, explosive round. And also very forgiving when I cocked up a couple of times.

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