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Thread: Sako 85 Carbonlight

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    Sako 85 Carbonlight

    I thought these were interesting when they were first advertised (a year or so ago I think.) My local RFD has received their first shipment and after handling one yesterday, I gotta say that I am sorely tempted. I was concerned that being so light (2.4Kg), the gun might feel a bit flimsy or the stock would feel 'toyish'. It doesn't. The stock has a very tactile feel and the Finnlight style barrel gives rise to a well-balanced rifle.

    I could imagine dumping a low profile scope onto it, throwing it and a few bits in a backpack and hiking off into the wilds, but it would also be a great woodland stalker in .308 or a 'walk-around' gun in .243.

    I accept that I am a bit of a Sako fanboy, but I like it!

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    I've been putting off buying an 85 synthetic stainless, waiting for the release of the carbonlight. I've yet to handle one. Is the stock as firm as the synthetic? How much was it with your local dealer?

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    The carbonlite is stunning. The carbon layup could be a little straighter, at least on the demo rifle I saw, however the finish is perfect. I'd say it's comparable to a Christensen Arms. The only carbon stock that I've seen nicer is the rare Blaser R8 Monza carbon, but that's 5k+.

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    Its 7oz lighter than my synthetic stocked 85, I wonder what the balance is like? My laminate 85s and synthetic 85s are perfect with a jet Zs and large Swarovski scopes but I bet an unmoderated carbonlight with a Z6i 1.7-10x42 is a delight to hold.

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    Apparently only 12% of the worlds population are left handed which is odd as tests show 30% of the worlds population are left eye dominent sugesting a lot of cultures suppress lefthandedness.

    Left-handed-ness is more prominent in men with surveys sugesting as many as 40% of men are left handed left eye dominent

    If only Sako would understand the importance of that then I could own a 243 and 308 carbonlight



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    How much are these retailing for? I havent been able to find anywhere that sells them?

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    I handled one at the French Game Fair ,unbelievably light & the soft carbon stock glues to your hands , I'm not a great carbon fan but this is something else , lovely

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    +1. I contacted GMK a few months ago to query if there was any likelihood of a left handed stainless/syn Sako 85 being retailed, they could not give a yes or no but did say that given the popularity of the 85 there was a good possibility, but perhaps that was because I told them I would have to look towards a blaser instead! Fingers crossed!

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    I just handled one in gun store in Georgia (US) and I must say they are light and well balanced but overall I prefer the feel of my 85 Sako Synthetic it just feels more grippy, the carbonlite while feeling good felt like it might get a bit slippy in the wet. Retail price in GA was $2828 quite a bit more than the synthetic.

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    I read the write up and i must say it looks like a nice rifle. The barreled action seem to be standard Sako with a carbon stock. Nice as the stock is, about a 1000 more for a carbon stock over say the nice walnut on the Sako grizzly is takeing the piss.

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