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Thread: Copper coated lead shot shotgun cartridges.

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    Copper coated lead shot shotgun cartridges.

    Hi all.

    Has anyone any experience of the above? Whats the crack, what are they for?


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    Yes, I use them all the time, partly as I like the paper cases (Eley Classic Game 5cu & 6cu). They do throw very good even patterns but you need to check them as I find that anything above 5/8ths choke shoots like a rifle. The pattern seems to stay dense for longer too.

    I believe that the other benefit with the Eley cartridges is that as they are coppered it allows them to use a softer (heavier) lead that kills better. One other thing that's great about them is that they cut straight through feathers & you don't pick pellets out of the bird balled in feathers, which must be more hygienic. They certainly kill well.

    I have a single-barrel shotgun with the length reduced to 27" (this removed all the choke so it's true cylinder) which I often take when beating on our shoot. The combination of open choke & even patterning shot is just deadly against wily cocks breaking back over the trees.

    They are also great for settling disputes about who shot a bird as no-one else ever uses them!

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    I have had and used some of the Eley Classic Game. I didn't like them. For my part of bismuth catridges were the price of lead cartridges I'd use bismuth all the time.

    But reading the comment about 'balling in feathers' I may give them another try. Thank you for the info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjs66 View Post
    Hi all.

    Has anyone any experience of the above? Whats the crack, what are they for?

    I had a couple of boxes made by Winchester in 6's marked XX!!

    One bit of our little shoot can have birds coming out of a small spinney like a rocket! (straight up) polled a couple of cock birds in the past with them! They rattled my back teeth lol

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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Mckenzie, these are, as you have mentioned, Eley 6cu's. 30 gram no 6, I think.. So they are a normal game cartridge? I was given some by a good mate to try, just wasn't sure what on. I presume with them being lead underneath the copper, it's a big no for duck over water?

    Thanks again fellas.

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    Just treat them like any other 6's, except that they use a military propellant & it helps give the pellets a bit more down range energy & increased penetration & denser patterns. Don't use them for sub 20 yard shots. They have slightly more felt recoil.

    They kill duck very well, actually (in Scotland over stubble).

    Just remember to savour the smell of the just fired paper cartridge!

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    Just remember to savour the smell of the just fired paper cartridge!

    Nail on the head!

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    A few guns using copper coated "Driven Grouse" Hull cartridges 28gr 6.5's on the moor this season. Seem to work OK but not sure if they are any better than normal cartridges.

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    The copper plate is to prevent the lead from deforming while it travels down the barrel. Rounder shot = better patterns. Sounds like it prevents the feather balling too.

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    Use Winchester double X supreme BB all the time for fox drives . The copper stops deformation on the lead giving good patterns at 50 y.
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