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    Knee Test

    Hi, It's been 8 weeks since I've had new knee. Bored out of my mind to keep it polite. Well its the golf club men's championship final tomorrow 36 holes. Son in final again 6 times out of the past 8 years.
    I always caddie for him, just had conversation with him about being concerned it might be to much for me. Being a stubborn old **** I've insisted that I'm going to do it.
    Soon find out how far I can go lol at least its a flat course and I'll be able to check for rabbit damage been a while since I was out.

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    Good luck, keep going mate its the only way.
    I had surgery on my left knee this spring and it seems to have helped, although I think it will need a new one in a year or two.

    Off to the highlands in a few weeks so will see how it goes, at least I have some good mates to help out who know what they are doing whilst I am up there. Hope your son wins the title and you have a great time.
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    Had one then a year unable to walk then same one replaced again + 5 ops ? doing ok now back to work , still get bad cramps and an unreal pain in my lower bone ,So keep mobile as you can BUT don't over do it ! keep bending and that way your bend will get better but never like it was ! ice is your pal rest as well with your feet up keep at it feller just don't run before you can walk then try to run , work on getting the all the muscles fit as before even better in both legs is best , as you know a tkn is a very big op to have I would have hips done any day lol
    all the best keep fighting and get well soon.
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