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Thread: 100gr Soft Points in .270 (reloads)

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    100gr Soft Points in .270 (reloads)

    So I have over 400 of these little suckers, as they don't appear to be sought after I thought I would load some

    Ran a range of charges from 58-64gr N160

    got fairly decent results at 60 and 64gr, the latter slightly better at 1/2-3/4"
    using VV data they appear to be pushing around 3250fps at 60gr and 3400fps at 64gr

    one thing i do notice is the muzzle flame is impressive from 64gr N160! in a 23" barrel
    wondering if a faster powder or maybe a magnum primer might tame that

    does anyone actually use 100gr soft points on deer?
    What results?

    I had a thought that these would make a cracking hind round
    more energy at 120yds than a .243 100gr round at the muzzle!

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    Bewsher you are probably only burning 92% of your 64 grain charge of N160 in the 23" barrel.
    Viht N550 would give you a more complete % burn & good case fill ratio too.


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    I've just tried some Ramshot Hunter with the 110gr GS Custom's today. Worked up from 61gr (3345fps) - 66gr (3600fps). Will definitely use this powder from now on. 3000 ME and super flat trajectory does it for me.

    Oh, and I'm using Fed 215 Mag primers.

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    Many years ago, Winchester produced a factory .270 load with a 100 grain soft point. It was mustard on hinds.

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    have lots of powders but nothing between N140 and N160 unfortunately!!

    might have to find some

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