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    Here we go, stand by for plenty of opinion.

    I use a .17HMR for bunnies, magpies, crows etc. It's alright but I don't find it that accurate. All my other rifles I hand load for and they are spot on, but the HMR has an ES of about 40 and groups at about an inch at 100 yds which isn't flash when you are trying to head shoot rabbits at 150, but i shoot more than I miss, probably 7/10

    I shoot foxes with a 6-6.5 Lapua. 70 grain BK at 3500 fps. It groups well under half MOA and feels like it's laser guided, wouldn't want to change away from that for foxing. It's a 10/10 rifle.

    Looking for something that's just as accurate for the bunnies. They are used mainly as fox bait so not too worried about damage, but I don't want to nuke them completely. Someone is trying to sell me a super accurate 22PPC. I am not going to go foxing with it and my next smallest quarry is bunnies out to 200 yds, longer if I could stretch out that far.

    Is the PPC too much gun. I think the answer is yes, but just wanted to check. I only shoot 100 or so a year and am not too worried about the cost of ammo, 80 a year for that sort of sport is pretty good value and it gives me my fox bait which is worth a lot more come poult time and nesting season.
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    .22 Hornet, and you can reload for it to get accuracy, I cast my own bullets in 44grn its spot on at anything from 70 to 150 yds never tried further, even with factory ammo its spot on for the same distance
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    Have you thought of a .17 hornet ?
    Allied to a reasonable night vision, it would give you bunnies easily out to 200 yds and see off the odd Charlie when out rabbiting. (I bas this on the fact that I have shot them out to 180 off sticks.
    I have to admit, mines a favourite and really accurate. Borrow one locally and see how you feel !

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    17 rem, fireball or one of the 20s would fit the bill

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