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Thread: lightforce 170

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    lightforce 170

    Okay Guys, just fitted a secondhand lamp to my 4x4 everything going fine, then tried lamp and it went off think its the bulb, whats the best one to buy?
    Regards Neil

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    Dunno what's best but use a 75w bulb in mine and seems fine, has done for the past 15 odd years.( apart from changing it out x2 also used 100w bulb)


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    I use a lf 170 with a 100 w bulb, this clips to the scope with modified 3" extension also a switch from the DIY shop.

    As I am out on my own most of the time I also know use a T20 lamp for spotting, this intern saves battery life and time spent clipping the lamp on.

    Burnt out a few switches, pulled a few wires, dropped the lamp a good number of times but not blown a bulb!!

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    Check bulb with a meter and fuse of course. Tom

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    Lightforce 140 uses a75watt lamp

    Lightforce 170 and 240 use the 100 watt lamp,

    I get mine from eBay at about 6 each, when fitting useable glove or a nice clean loth our assoon as you switch it on it will lo again,

    Ifhe pamp has not gone then it could be the fuse o the cable has broken, I have 4 lamps here all fine tuned and never to brushed,I use a t50 for spotting and my 170 ha a ir liter on it for nv shooting,

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    Hi Guys, all sorted now new bulb done the trick.
    Cheers Neil

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    I think there's a horizontal and a vertical bulb but I don't no which is which

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markfox View Post
    I think there's a horizontal and a vertical bulb but I don't no which is which
    Correct the bulb you want is the vertical filament (runs along the bulb length ways) not the horizontal one (runs along the bulb side ways) the latter is most commonly sold so look out for the right one. Also 100w for the LF 170

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