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Thread: cz synthetic stock

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    cz synthetic stock

    As title for .22lr WHY
    Those who can, do it. Those who can't, teach it.

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    Hi Paul after a 452
    Those who can, do it. Those who can't, teach it.

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    Hi Richard parsons

    i have a Cz 452 synthetic stock u can have if you like?
    one problem it broke one night whilst out lamping snapped straight though the front trigger guard screw did fix it and put back on rifle for a while but started to go again .
    if you think you might be able to fix it and get use out of it or even try get a new on off Edgar brother as I'm sure they should not just go like that.

    pm me if interested and I will post it when back home.


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    I have got one as I was given a 455 thumb hole and made it fit only one small problem the recoil pad at the heal was munched on by a pals dog not bad but as you know they are sticky inside rest is good as none of the plastic has been damaged. funny 243 states the above I had a pals hmr snap and was lucky not to have my truck vented cz informed me the stud was not put there for a bi-pod ??? but only a sling but I could get one for 130 so I fixed it removed the stud then added one back a long bolt type better imo. Up shot is yes I have one and have you got anything to barter to cover post or collect

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    Only reason I want one is my current stock is hogs back design and useless for scope eye relief.
    I might just buy a thumbhole style and be sorted. What barter might you be after Paul ?!
    Those who can, do it. Those who can't, teach it.

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    something shiny or old anything mty that you feel may just be of use some day ? like old large cal case's or blades bit of a magpie lol,but what ever it is if you wish the stock its no probs ,
    what part of the uk you hail from feller
    will do pix if you wish to pm me your email

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