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Thread: Grouse advice

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    Grouse advice

    I've been invited to the Yorkshire moors for grouse. It's a HPR Weekend were we shoot over each other dogs.I thought I might take my 28bore. What should I shoot if I take it. Should I take it?

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    If it were me, I should shoot the grouse.

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    They will be out of range before you can get your gun up,take a 12 .Wf1

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    I would ask 1 of the more experienced mates ur going with.

    Would depend on a few things how good a shot u are and how confident u are with it, how good the dogs are, how often the moor has been shot, even the weather on the day or if a BoP has quartered the moor shortly before u got there. W
    All will affect how tight the birds sit and so wot sort of range u'll be shooting at. Even how many guns shooting on each point 2 or 3 other guns shooting on each point, so atleast someone else can put a shot into a wounded bird if needed.

    Also how fit/old u are? Would imagine u won't be doing a lot of shooting but could be doing a lot of walking so might be more enjoyable carrying a light 28 around instead of a heavy OU 12G

    Dunno wot loads a 28 handles but won't imagine u'll go far wrong with 6's really, but some would shoot 5's and some would say 7's, i'd ask wot ur mates are shooting with

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    On the understanding that there'll be a fair bit of walking, a moderate amount of shooting but you would still like to swing onto those pesky fast things quickly enough and not be under-gunned, if you've got a nice light side by side 12 bore lurking in the cabinet, it could be it's time to shine. I'd probably stick with No.6 shot 30 gms or thereabouts.

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    shooting over pointers you will be able to carry your gun in its slip if its easier, and now the birds will all be strong flyers and going away birds can carry a lot of pellets so perhaps 5s ,it all depends on the moor and day others having shot there can give first hand give them a call
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    Use 5s, be quick [but not too quick]

    28bores will easily kill grouse [you are the weaker link!]

    Prince Charles, uses 28b for all his driven grouse and knocks them over, no bother at all

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    You will be glad you have taken the 28 after a long day on the moor.
    I tend to use mine above anything else for walked up over the HPRs. I find Gamebore 28gr 6s more than adequate for going away grouse.

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    Lightish 12 bore sbs with a sling would be my preferred choice as we often surprise a fox on our moor walks. Shooting over pointers means that you can have a long, difficult scramble down a hillside to get to a point so I find the sling invaluable.

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    Prince Charles, uses 28b for all his driven grouse and knocks them over, no bother at all [/QUOTE]

    Would I love to watch that.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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