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Thread: .458 500 grain Hornady DGS

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    .458 500 grain Hornady DGS

    Hi have the above for sale as I have found another load for my .45-70 paid £60.00 for these from memory looking for £40 plus postage for them

    Atb Matt

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    You posted this recently in answer to the thread below, but can’t post these.

    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    does that mean my .45-70 that is conditioned for target shooting only should be opened up, for AOLQ?

    Atb Matt
    458 win mag for boar?

    As these are ‘expanding’, how did you get sporting use for your .45-70?

    Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Bullets :: Rifle :: Choose by Caliber :: .458 45 CAL :: 45 Cal .458 500 gr DGS®

    I know of an RFD who claims that flat-nosed expanding can be sold to “target shooters” (who don’t have quarry use) because they are safer in tubular magazines like Marlin lever-actions have. “There’s an exemption for them” (quote).

    It’s an ingenious argument, but sounds like pure bulls**t as I don’t know of any such exemption. Does anyone else on here?
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    These are Dangerous Game Solids, not the Dangerous Game eXpanding so no still no AOLQ. There is an exemption of hollow or flat head type bullets for use with tubular magazine rifle to prevent and a chain fire.

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    Ah, got you now. Hornady DGS are FMJ solids, DGX are expanding.

    Can find nothing in the HOG, so still not sure about the validity of this exemption. 'Target shooters' can simply use lead bullets or FMJ, rather than jacketed HP or FN softpoints which are all S5. These can't be authorised on the FAC under the standard quarry uses for expanding (i) (ii) (iii) or (iv).

    Perhaps someone has a link that will clear this up?
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    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    How many bullets are you selling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    One box of 50

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