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Thread: New Products On The Monarch Country Products Web Site

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    New Products On The Monarch Country Products Web Site

    Hi All

    It's been a few months since we have added any new lines to our web site, so finally got round to adding what will hopefully be useful kit in the field/forest etc:

    • New compact waist pack roe sack - after nearly 12 months of field testing, tweeks etc this is sack is finally good to go and ideal for those who don't like a Roe Sack on the back whilst stalking - fully UK made by Phil Ogden.
    • Stag Bags & Buck Bags - these are designed for those who take the odd day accompanied stalking and want to bring a beast back but don't any mess in a posh motor or ticks etc crawling about.
    • Military Green Bino-Jacket requested by popular demand
    • Roe Deer & Large deer drag harness's/rope
    • 300kg digital larder scales
    • Kleen Kanteen drinking vessels - ideal for coffee, soup etc whilst sat in a hight seat this winter and fits in bag/sack easily
    • Stalkers Cull Register - nicely bound book to record outings, cull's & memorable moments
    • Burger Press & grease proof paper
    • New Unilite PS4 head torch
    • Scope Covers - not Butler Creeks...
    • Finally the new Buck Selkirk knife.

    All & more can be seen at:


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Looks like the LEM burger press , if so that's a good price & I highly rate mine, will end up handed down to family ! It's Bomb proof & easy to use & clean


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