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Thread: Fixed mag Swarovski (8x50 or 8x56) or S&B 8x56

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    Fixed mag Swarovski (8x50 or 8x56) or S&B 8x56

    As title really - looking for a 30mm tube Swarovski fixed power scope, something like the 8x50 Kurz or 8x56. Failing that if one doesn't come up, then a S&B 8x56 30mm scope.



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    There's one for a great price on pigeon watch at the minute.


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    Yeah.... He was supposed to be sending me pics after I said I'd have it pending them - then find he sold it to someone else.

    Hence me asking on here!

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    did you get any scope? I have Swarovski PF 8x56 Kurz, 30mm tube, reticle 4A with paper work for 440GBP posted.
    Let me know

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    Hi I have a S&B 856 30mm 400 +pp its like new

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    Please see PM.


    I'll come back to you if none of the others are what I am looking for - thanks.

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    Uttings are doing an S&B 8x56 30mm tube with an A& reticule for 499 at the moment.

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    Thanks. Think it's 439 at Sportsman and a shop local to a friend can match that. If a Swaro doesn't come up then I'll probably just go with a new S&B.

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    i got the uttings 1 ,2 days later Sportsmans does it for 439 .thats life .great scope lovely optics.thats life
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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