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Thread: General election - not too late to speak up for shooting

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    General election - not too late to speak up for shooting

    Dear All

    With ten days to go until polling day we are asking BASC members to support our election campaign.

    The opinion polls are suggesting a hung parliament. Whatever the outcome, it seems certain that there will be more new MPs than at any time since 1945. We will have our work cut out to build strong support for shooting in the next parliament. Identifying where candidates stand is the essential first step and an election is the ideal opportunity.

    BASC has launched a new service on the website to help shooters find where their candidates stand on shooting. Candidates are more likely to respond to an enquiry from a constituent than a question from BASC headquarters. We are therefore asking members to use our service to email their candidates through our election website.

    This will help us target the right MPs, urge them to join the All-Party Group and offer them the opportunity to try shooting, meet shooters and see for themselves the substantial benefits that shooting provides for recreation, the environment and the rural economy.

    Click here

    to visit the election page on the BASC website where you can find all the information you need.

    Protecting our sport in the new parliament will put additional demands on our resources.

    BASC strives to keep the annual subscription as low as is consistent with the best representation for your sport. Throughout the year we provide other opportunities for you to give a little extra if you wish. Every pound raised in this way goes directly to benefit shooting.

    If you have not yet had the chance, please visit our Election Appeal which you can find off the main site I would be very grateful for your support.

    Yours sincerely

    Christopher Graffius
    Director of Communications

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    I used the link from another forum, and had responses from all candidates from the three main parties. My favourite was from the conservative candidate, Harriet (bless her), who forgot to answer the question which was put to her. I took great delight in telling her she would obviously make a good politician because she had failed to answer the question. I had a very hurried and embarrassed response and a fullsome apollogy.

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    Not all candidates have an e-mail address I am affriad, but please let me know who you think the missing candidates are.



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    But still does not stop someone from contacting their MP or PPC all be it by phone or letter and then letting us know the result does it?

    We can't help it if an MP or PPC does not have or give an e-mail address...of course there will be those that WILL blame BASC for this


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    Saffron Waldon Labour MP

    The labour MP for Saffron Walden constituency is Barbara Light who can be contacted by e mail at:

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    The Conservatives email just bounces back unknown. None of the others have replied.

    Selby Area, North Yorkshire


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    Nice one BASC, a few teething problems with candidates not having email addresses are expected but this is a simple effective idea.

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    Own goal I think David?
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    Unlike you I have not taken offence at the use of the rolling eyes icon, but I appologise if I offended you by the use of the same. I always thought the icons were light wrong can i be...

    Working together we can populate the missing data fields and get even more impact on supporting shooting with the new parliament, so thanks for the PM.

    Regardless of ths anyone who has had feedback from their MP or PPC, be it via the BASC web site, Google or any other tooland please let us know so we can update reccords.



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    I e-mailed my parliamentary candidates a number of weeks ago using the BASC link.....

    Guess what? Not a single reply . Quelle surprise. Funnily enough, though, they were all quite happy to offer their views on the possible repeal of the foxhunting ban by a Tory Govt within the pages of the local rag recently....

    Perhaps stalking and shooting are less "ooh, let's try and blag a quick populist vote" than foxhunting? Or perhaps they just can't be ar**d......
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