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Thread: Reblue or No? Old Royal, Monarch standard BSA.

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    Reblue or No? Old Royal, Monarch standard BSA.

    This a BSA Royal 243win from 1959 or early Majestic standard. I purchased this rifle for $250.00 just wondering restock and reblue, leave alone, or just reblue?
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    If it shoot well then reblue (hot salts) and refinish the stock (recut checkering etc). As long as they dont charge and arm and a leg. Perhaps do the sripping and polishing yourself. That's what takes the time = money.
    A classic rifle in 'new' condition.

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    I have a couple of fine gunsmiths in USA that are very reasonable for all work. MY main guy charges $100.00 for reblue and it is very nice and clean, (done right, right). This man had worked for Weatherby USA. The rifle shoots very well even with a cheap scope. I will upgrade the optics once I figure what is going to be done with it.

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    I would leave it as it is. It has a lovely old patina of a 60 year old rifle. That would be destroyed by refinishing. Facelifts never look good.

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    Send the barreled action to be blued, and while it's away, strip and refinish the stock yourself. The alloy trigger guard could do with a touch up as well.
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    Definitely reblue. You could do a really good job yourself with Brownell's cold blue. Use the Birchwood Casey blue and rust remover first, then polish the metal vigorously by hand with a piece of canvas. You will surprise yourself, and have it done in a day.

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    I restored a Parker Hale in similar condition (actually worse!)
    I disagree that it needs to look shagged to be a period piece

    mine is far from brand new but the refresh makes it look great to back up the shooting great

    FWIW I did all the cleaning, polishing and bluing and furniture restoration myself.
    cost a lot less than someone else doing it

    rifle restoration project

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    Dont touch the cold blues they are *****. Hot salts all the way. Believe me if a cold blue worked as well the manufacturers would leap on it. They don't!
    A secret to a good restore job is to keep the lines sharp. Don't round stuff that wasn't rounded and keep the same final grit/finish for all parts. Unless you are an expert don't be tempted to go for the mirror Holland and Holland polish as the technique takes years to perfect.

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    No disrespect meant, but I wouldn't spend $100 on a BSA, let alone on restoring it..there, said it,,now RUN!
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    I am reading the comments posted and many excellent points. I would not attempt the refinish myself I can replace a part but not perform a high end restoration project. This rifle has such perfect balance, that's why I wonder for one of my sons or wife might use it to hunt with one day. If some one wants to help me post a picture of the full rile I will send you the files, website says to large. I shot this rifle yesterday and it put a 1,1/8th" group, at 100 yards with 100gr Winchester Supreme ammo. I think it can do much better, with upgrading the optics. I will also try different factory ammo and weights, and handloaded shells too.

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