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Thread: Best way to get to Inverness?

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    Best way to get to Inverness?

    What's the cheapest way to get to Inverness from the US? Every time I try to figure a round trip from Oregon, it ends up being around as much as trip to Joburg. Wondering if flying to London and then connecting would be the best. Any ideas???

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    Try flights through London. You may find good flights to Glasgow. A friend has just booked really cheap flights from Glasgow to Seattle. Glasgow is about just over 3 hours by train from Inverness.

    If you can get to Amsterdam cheaply, there are connecting flights to Aberdeen, which is only 110miles East of Inverness.

    t all depends on the time of year you're planning on coming over.
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    There is also flights direct to Inverness from Amsterdam. London Gatwick and London Luton both have flights to Inverness as does Birmingham.

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    LHR 2/12

    PDX 3/12

    No idea if this is cheap/best or of the dates you intend to travel.....but some info anyway. If it helps fine, if not , no worries. ATB
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    Bristol Airport has flights to and from Seattle and it flies direct to Inverness.

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    I have clients from the USA eastern shore this year, and have dealt with many American clients over more years than I care to remember.
    There are several ways to get to Inverness from the USA.

    Fly direct to London.............. Most USA flights land at Heathrow, but Gatwick is also used. Take an Easy jet, Flyb, BA to Inverness. All take firearms. RYAN air does not allow weapons, but as fare as I know does not service Inverness.

    Fly into Edinburgh ...............its been a few years since I collected clients from this airport, but it might be worth looking into this option, and again taking the train up to Inverness.

    Fly direct to Glasgow..............Take the train to Inverness, brings you right into the city centre. Pick up is fairly easy but the entrance on the high street is pretty limited for waiting. Train journey is about 3 hours.

    If you are carrying firearms you will need your British Visitors Firearms permit, this must be signed by you and shown to customs on arrival in the U.K. You will also need to show this on departure from the U.K. Who ever you are hunting with should sponsor you and arrange this for you. Cost is now £20 per individual, or £100 for 4 licences and over.

    Hope this helps.
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    I fly to London, british midlands to Glasgow. Pick up a hire car and straight up lochside.
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    Thanks all, some good ideas for sure!!

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    Two thoughts

    when I went last fall I traveled to Glasgow and then hired a car and drove up. Driving in Scotland is a pleasure, decent roads, well behaved drivers, and miles between each round about.

    On my next trip over I am probably going into Dublin - seems AerLingus can run some super cheap flights direct from Chicago to Dublin, and there is always a cheap flight from just about anywhere in the US to ORD. Then use easy jet, Ryanair or on of the others to get over to Scotland.

    just checked using skyscanner - AerLingus Portland to Dublin $950 - 1 stop in Chicago. BTW, Chicago has a really easy USFWS and Ag for trophy import.
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    Exchange visit Coot!! I'll gladly head to Oregon for the remainder of elk bow season, if you're on your way over here

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