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Thread: Beretta Tru-oil removal.

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    Beretta Tru-oil removal.

    Recently picked up a Beretta shotgun which has had the stock finished with Tru-oil. Nice gloss finish but I like a matt traditional oiled finish.
    Any tips on best way to remove the Tru-oil? I'm thinking wire wool and hard graft.
    The stock is a very nice piece of wood so need to be careful.

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    Acetone and a soft tooth brush a cloth.

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    Ok, don't just assume it's finished with Tru-Oil. Tru Oil actually does not produce a shine,,polishing a finished wood with rottenstone 'does'. That would be the same for any products like those of Trade Secret.

    How do you know the product used for finishing? I would bet my bottom dollar your stock has a thin coat of varnish on it as tru oil when used even for a few months loses its shine and polish. Therefore, be cautious and careful what you wish for..acetone and fine wire wool might just create a blurry nasty surface on the varnish (if it is varnish), which will mean you have to properly remove it and restore/re-finish the stock..That of course means either learning how to do it and struggling on with it for ages for a mediocre finish unless you're very skilled or lucky,,or going to a professional for re-finishing. Whatever you do, don't listen to people tell you to smear it in all sorts of tung oil, danish oil, linseed oil...just don't do it, stay clear.

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    Just be wary that it isn't one of the enhanced stocks that actually have a plastic veneer.
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    As people have said unless you know what the finish is be careful.

    If it is just tru oil it will lift with acetone, if it's an oil finish you've just made your self more work if it's got varnish underneath time to do a full refinish which takes time and skill.

    as PKL says don't just slap on random oils instead of a proper stock oil.

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    A modern Beretta, gloss or satin, will have a varnish of some sort, usually a mix of natural and polyurethane, or even a spray on (HPLV gun) catalized varnish ( very tough and penetrating). Contact Beretta before attacking it.

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    We don't tend to have to many heavy glosses like the States most have tru oil from the factory as opposed to harder pu finishes. problem is what previous owners have done to the stock.

    I've stripped for re oiling 18 beretta sets in the last 3 weeks on my records and have had lots of different finishes on them including 3 untouched original beretta finishes

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    Many thanks for the tips.
    It's quite an old 687 and the guy I bought it off had it from new and told me he'd put the Tru-oil on so the acetone and soft brush should do the job.

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    Good info to have ;-) LOL..

    However, what do you plan on doing after the outer layers are off? you won't be just uncovering a lost treasure that is a nice matte walnut oil finish btw :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by stecad View Post
    Many thanks for the tips.
    It's quite an old 687 and the guy I bought it off had it from new and told me he'd put the Tru-oil on so the acetone and soft brush should do the job.
    If you know first hand that it is a natural lacquer, varnish, or specifically Tru-Oil, lacquer thinner or acetone and piece of canvas will rub it right off. Wear heavy rubber chemical gloves and work outdoors with a breeze behind you. These are very flammable.

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