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Thread: .204 Ruger Hornady brass: Quality issues

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    .204 Ruger Hornady brass: Quality issues

    Whlst in USA I purchased a a box of new Hornady .204 brass. Now its advertised/marketed as being high quality brass that exceeds SAMMI specifications and alike so I expected it to be pretty damn good.

    Anyway on Sat evening I was on .204 ruger .com and looking at loads. It seems the concencus is to use Remmington 7.5 primers, fortunately I have a large stock so I thought I might as well prime my cases.

    Now I thought I should give them a quick check over not expecting them to require any prep at all. Well what a shock, close scrutiny of the new cases showed that the flash holes in some were not round but elipical and some even appeared to not be straight, but angeled. I thought I was going mad so got out some brand new .223 Lapua match cases. They were nigh on perfect. Central flash hole not requiring de burring and perfectly straight. Anyway I ended up deburring all 50 of my .204 cases and was very surprised that they took quite a bit of preping. I still think some of the flash holes are not parallel to the case walls.

    Has anybody else found this to be an issue?

    Its difficult to photograph/describe and unless you have a new Lapua case you cannot compare the two.



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    Unfortunately, Hornady is the only brass I can lay hands on for the 204. I bought 100 unfired new brass and 80 rounds of factory loaded ammo. Apparently Norma brass is out there somewhere, but I can't get hold of any. The factory ammo shot extremely well, and the reloaded brass was fine.

    The new brass was a pain in the arse, much the same as yours. To be fair, my general experience of non Lapua new brass has been similar.

    I full length resized, trimmed back to minimum length, reemed the primer pocket and flash hole, and chamfered the case month.

    It's fine now........

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    You can get Norma brass through Brownells ( previously midway UK) but be prepared for a shock as they are 104 plus postage for 100!!!

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    Glad I am not alone, will check lenghts and do primer pockets as you have done so.

    I will buy some Norma when I get the rifle.



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