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Thread: Brno fox model 2 stock

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    Brno fox model 2 stock

    Bit of a long shot but if anyone has one they'd like to part with get in touch please. Condition not important as long as it's in one piece as I want to make an adjustable stock. Cheers.

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    you can use a CZ527 stock too if the bottom metal is the same (which it should be)

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    Can you now, thats good to know, more chance of finding one of those hopefully. I don't want to cut my one about.

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    Got one here. Good condition for age. 50 + p/p.
    Please pm me if interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labrador77 View Post
    Pm sent
    Replied to.

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    Provisionally sorted thanks to the man above

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    Got one sitting here doing nothing.


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    Typical, I thought I'd have more chance of finding a hens tooth in a pile of rocking horse ****! Send me a pm Neil as Tom above has posted his stock but another maybe handy. Thanks and atb.

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    Just like buses...............

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