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Thread: Another bird ID question

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    Another bird ID question

    Can anyone help with a possible ID on this bird of prey. Apologies for the quality but they were taken on a phone and the closest I could get was approx 20m. They were taken today after a friend had spotted it yesterday and assumed it was a perigrine! The feather colour appeared to be constrant across its body and head rather than it having different coloured wings or head. It wouldn't budge from the vicinity when it spotted me, it just put 20m of distance between me and it and then sat out for the 10 mins I was watching it. It's location was on a small shelterd limestone face in the yorkshire dales at approx 400m above sea level. The area is a combination of high level grazing and open moorland with plenty of rabbits and grouse about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .25-06 View Post
    female kestrel
    +1 female kestrel.

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    I think TD has nailed it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Homes View Post
    I think TD has nailed it.


    Nope, definitely a female kestrel, no question whatsoever.
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    Kestrel for sure
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    kestrel I think by the colour ,picture is poor for making identification, colour is wrong for a Peregrine.

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    Thanks very much for the replies folks. I half suspected it may be a kestrel as ther are a few dotted about on this moor but I would only be able to recognise a male. Thanks again.

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