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Thread: Sako Finnbear

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    Sako Finnbear

    Have my application in for a .270 and was asking my local RFD to keep an eye out for a secondhand "first rifle". Turns out he has a Finnbear that he is selling on commission for San old work colleague of mine and would be happy to let me deal direct.

    The gun was my ex colleagues late father's gun and has been gathering dust for a few years. Mechanically sound but a week bit rust on the barrel (outside only) and some wear to the blueing. RFD reckons I can get this for under 200. As it is a particularly long rifle I wonder about getting 2-3" taken of when I get it threaded?

    At that money I could invest in a decent scope and moderator.

    Thoughts and options would be appreciated.

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    if everthing is ok I would not hesitate to snap his hand off these are lovely actions I have one in 300 win and it is superb. ps if you dont take it can i have his number lol it would go well with the one I have. ps a nice project to blue it and restore the stock to a thing of beauty I would leave as is size wise espesially if it has open sights still on
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    Buy it!
    how long is it? Do you really want to be cutting it down?

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    If you don't buy it let me know where I can Buy it for myself.

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    Thanks guys but don't I don't intend to see this pass me by! As said will be a nice little project to tidy it up.

    As for length, never measured it but would be a good 3-4" longer than anything else on the rack. Still has original iron sights but I would want to remove these to fit a scope. Just feel that by the time I fit a mod it will be quite unwieldy.
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    I love my finnbear 3006, it and a sako L57 243 are my primary hunting battery. Its quite partial to 165 gr sierra gamekings.

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    I bought a Sako L691 and I was worried about the age...but 6 months on and I couldn't be more pleased with the action or the over all rifle.

    Sounds like a bargain even if it needs rebarrelling in the near future, but in the mean time like you say, get a good mod and scope.

    Mine has a 23" barrel and it okay with a hardy IV mod on it, but I wouldn't want it any longer.

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    Don't remove the iron sights to use a scope. They are not even visible in a scope, until you get below 2x with a wide field of view. You would not even see the hood on the front sight.

    I have an L61R in .375 H&H, and was just looking at an original L61R in fabulous condition, in 7mm Rem Mag. It has the front, but came with a peep sight for the rear dovetail, not a leaf sight. It has a 3-9x40 scope, and I could not see the front sight at all at 3x. Don't butcher classic rifle by cutting the barrel. If you are going to do that, look for one that is already cut and threaded.

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    Firstly, I would need to shoot it if poss, then think about the rest of it, ESPECIALLY the bit about cutting it down ............. bleddy heathen!!!
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    But is it even possible to thread and fit mod without removing thre front sitte.

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