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    Tactical scope

    A question for all the long range target shooters. If a scope with tactical turrets has a click value 0.5cm @ 100 m then does this mean the scope is a mrad scope? The reason I ask is because when running figures through a balstic app I get the moa corection and mrad correction and number of clicks. When following the number of clicks the numerical value on the turret always ends up the same as the moa value from the balistic program, which lends me think this is a moa scope.

    Any thoughts welcome


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    Yes 0.1 milradians is 1cm @ 100m therefore 0.05 milradians is 0.5cm at 100m

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    What is the scope? And the app?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sle View Post
    What is the scope? And the app?
    It's a meopta zd 3-12x50 and the app is istrelok

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