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Thread: Mild pitting in a shotgun barrel, how much difference does it make to anything?

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    Mild pitting in a shotgun barrel, how much difference does it make to anything?

    As in the title really, I've seen a s/hand shotgun with three small pits in one barrel, is there any reason I shouldn't buy it, given that it's substantially cheaper than it would be without?
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    Hard to tell, even with that pretty good picture, so don't hold me to anything. But those marks do look fairly innocuous. Depending on how much cheaper than a similar gun without those marks is, I'd say it might be worth a punt. You might even wonder if they would disappear with a good rodding (!). As for performance, I don't think you'd notice any difference.

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    I suspect it would make little to no difference in a shotgun.

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    You should have seen the barrels of some of the guns I used and saw used when I was a lad. Corrosive primers and poor care had them pitted badly from end to end. I seem to remember things fell over just as dead as they do now with pristine barrels!
    If your happy with the gun go for it.

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    pitting at that end is less of an issue
    only two things that are a problem in my opinion

    1) structural integrity - is the pitting deep enough to allow a burst barrel (usually only an issue as the barrel thins towards the muzzle and the reason they wont hone beyond a certain limit

    2) cleaning - it WILL collect more crap, this could lead to further pitting and (see above)

    depending on the location and saving I would say go for it

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    Pitting per se isn't a problem. But be aware that new barrels cost '000s (thousands...yes, thousands) and sleeving starts at about 400-500. So don't hink that if you do want to replace them it will a cheap option, so discount the price of the gun by that.

    A small amunt, a few spots, of pitting can however mean that the gun was actually far more heavily pitted that it is now...and has already been bored out. So check that it is both still in proof and that the wall thicknesses are good. The small pitting you see now may be what was left after a rebore...and that means that the gun may have the two "issues" just mentioned.

    If the bores are super shiny bright and it has just a few small pits it is a sign that it has been rebored as it should be a "dull" inside if the bore is original and nor re-bored in a gun that is starting to show pits and that has not been re-bored.

    What is the make and what is the price? Then members can advise if it really is the being sold at the "substantially" reduced price it seems to be...
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    No effect at all, as long as you shoot plastic wadding a shot collar between lead shot and the barrel.

    Edit: Gosh! I just saw that it is an AyA Churchill XXV. Buy it!
    I have handled them, and but not shot them, but they look and feel identical to my Churchill XXV, and it is very balanced shotgun. See how it fits you, though. No shotgun is a bargain if it won't shoot for you.
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    I bought one of the very earliest AYA 25s. it looked lovely but I really couldn't shoot it at all well. I would suggest you give it a good try as the barrels really are vey short and take a lot of getting used to. I lost confidence in mine and sold it on.

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