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Thread: My first Sika

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    My first Sika

    This started about 12 months ago when a good friend from this forum, Tony (Dragunov) introduced me to Billy (Skywul) and I spent a weekend trying to bag a Sika, on this occasion it wasn't to be even though I was sent out with a cracking guide, Jason, who worked his backside off, but 12 months later I got another invite and went to try my luck again.
    I took the Friday off work so that I could pick Tony up early and we were then on our way to one of the best places in the world, Scotland. Packed lunch on route provided by mrs wing and we arrived mid afternoon. Billy had a spot in mind so at about 1700 hours we set out. Sat up on the hill it soon became apparent that the wind was all wrong so no surprise the deer didn't show. Back for something to eat and while Tony turned in, Billy and myself went out lamping. We only saw one fox and it was an awkward shot so it lived for another day. We turned in about 0200hrs with clock set for 0500hrs, yes a long blink and we were back out again. Same place and same wind but this time Tony stayed near to the car and Billy and myself hiked over the hill, sitting up watching a nice wooded area. About 0900hrs we spotted movement, it was Sika and they were coming my way. My heart was pounding as I crawled into position and at the right moment I let fly a 150 grain .308 home load. The wack was good and solid and the young stag dropped like a stone. The rest of the herd cleared off, then to my horror the downed stag got up and went crashing through the woods. I couldn't get a follow up shot. We waited 10 minutes then while I kept an eye open for the herd doubling back Billy went to find the one I shot. 10 minutes later he returned empty handed. My heart sank. I asked if he had found it. The reply, oh yes it's dead but it's at the bottom of the hill, you shot it so you can go get it ha ha. Well it took me an hour to drag the bloody thing about 50 yards up hill, once over the top it was easy back down to the truck.
    back to Billy's for a fry up, including Sika liver Mmmmm.
    That evening Jason arrived and we tried our luck again spending an hour and half watching 6 Sika but on the wrong side of the boundary, still nice to watch.
    sunday morning 0500 hrs the alarm went off again, and back out, we saw 3 on this occasion but way too far away, they disappeared before we could make a plan of attack.
    Sunday afternoon after a cooked breakfast Tony and myself set off home.
    this was a great weekend, weather was kind, company was great, and my first Sika. All made possible through SD
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    Well done fella, they do not like falling over and staying over.

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    Yep that's Sika for you. Just when you thought they were dead, they get up and surprise you. Well done on your first Sika, and to the lads that got you onto one.
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    Well done on your first sika

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    a pleasure having you up wingy, makes it all the more so stalking with someone with patience and know how, patience being the operative word with sika lol

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    I can honestly say that skywull is a gentleman and it is a pleasure to stalk with him and be in his company. He has some great stalking ground.

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    You did well to drag it up that hillside, it was a tidy weight gralloched. Glad it wasn't his dad! A great weekend kind weather and great company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
    You did well to drag it up that hillside, it was a tidy weight gralloched. Glad it wasn't his dad! A great weekend kind weather and great company.
    Congratulations! Hopefully it won’t be your last.

    I do like to be amongst the sika and ideally c/o the type of stalking where snap-shooting at 20 yards is very much on the cards and with the sound of the shoreline never far away.


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    Well done on your sika great result
    regards pete

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    well done mate ,great when a plan comes together!!atb doug,

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