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Thread: Webley .22 Blanks

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    Webley .22 Blanks

    I have for sale quite a few Webley blanks, tins of 100.
    They are marked 'Webley Launcher Blanks' but can be used in a normal blank firing pistol if they will fit your chamber.
    I used them for dummy launching when dog training.
    The only dummy launcher I have now is the old type used to launch cans for target practice.
    Unfortunately the cans used today do not fit my this launcher.
    I have no idea what I paid for them when I bought them a long time ago so have no idea what to ask for them.
    If I put 5 a tin, perhaps someone can advise me if that is good value or tear me off a strip and advise me what a reasonable price would be.
    Obviously these cannot be posted so it would have to be collection or passed from friend to friend to get to their final destination.

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    .22 blanks

    It is legal to post them thats how iv always got them and seems to be what everyone else does,il take 8 tins if you have them,and will post them regards Dave

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    I've got more than 8 tins :-(

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    8 tins down and a few more to go ;-)

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    Chunky Sailor has his and haven't heard from him so I assume he is pleased with them ?
    Anybody else interested ?
    They are .22 long blanks, really loud or good for launching dog training dummies or were good for anti- poaching trip wires, although I haven't seen any of them about for several years.

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