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Thread: stalking with john and andy

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    stalking with john and andy

    Would just like to say thanks to john from yorkshireroestalking and andy a good friend of johns and the rest or the team for the return swap stalk with them, myself and lee stroud had two great days last week with the lads in yorkshire we had six bucks and a fox and seen alot more all i can say is thanks very much lads for a very memorable trip which was more than any one could ask for i will put up a full post soon as i can .

    gadget / lee stroud

    ps if anyone is looking for some roe stalking cull or trophy john and his team run a very professional and friendly service give him a ring you will not be disappointed
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    Very nice stuff Trevor good call with that vixen someones going hungry

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    Nice one mate some good animals there mate...Neil

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    It was a pleasure to have you boys up.
    Nice we managed to find you some deer to shoot at and of course a fox.
    I think I speak for all the team and helpers "A couple of true gents".
    We'll be back down soon to gun down some more munties.
    And heres that 6 point yearling you shot.

    Lee also should have some photos to add if he gets time as my camera is temprmental at the moment I didn t get as many as I'd liked
    cheers boys.

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    Trevor, and Lee are both perfect gentlemen, your both welcome up here anytime, nice to see you both again.

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    Well done guys sounds like you had a great time.

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    A good trip buy the looks of it lads


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    my pennys worth!
    again like gadget full write up to follow this was the buck i took on the tuesday eveningClick image for larger version. 

Name:	yorkshire roe2.jpg 
Views:	20 
Size:	58.1 KB 
ID:	916so a very big thank you to john andy richard and mel
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