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Thread: Confidence well up

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    Confidence well up

    Well out again last night expecting to have more swath to shoot on. Again Billy no mates so traditional methods again. Anyway the fields I was hoping to get on were only partially cut, stationary combine with the sound of a hammer at work. So spent 30 mins helping replace blades on the cutting knife. Last time I did that they were rivetted on and you had to grind the head off before using a press to get the rivett out. Now bolted so much easier.

    Anyway at 8.30pm drove arround and clocked first set of eyes but couldnt id it.

    On second circuit eyes were 100ys further down the hedge, got closer and 1st basil of the night was terminated.

    Across a lane into next field, 3 sets of eyes, one ran into the maize and there were two at the far end of the field. They vanisshed so drove up a little, qiuck squeak and had two close together, shot the furthests one as per protocol, bullet went just over the top of the first and then took the second as it trotted up the tram line. Both dead within feet of each other. So the night progressed. Saw sevaral more and finally ended evening with a sitter at about 150 yds which was very satisfying. So another 5 sorted. It took me another 2 hours to shoot 3 rabbits with the .22lr as i had a special order for 3 skin on bunnies which were delivered this morning. Stangely had 3 mis fires with eley subs last night which was a very rare event.

    So 10 foxs and 3 rabbits in 24hrs was quite good going, quite a nice waty to spend your birthday. Very impressed with Zeiss and rifle with 87's is awesome provided I do my bit.

    Wont post pics as alittle too graphic, 87 vmax is very effective!!


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    , sounds like you get on well, working alone! you can do your chatting in the tap room.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Sounds like your Diavari/Howa combination is working really well for you now that youre confidence is growing with this "combination" (Which sounds ideal)!
    You're getting some cracking results.
    Keep it up!

    Just out of interest, do you do anything around my old stomping ground - Hillesley/Hawkesbury Area?

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    Yes confidence sky high at present esp as picking up .204 tomorrow. Re ground no mine is south of your old area. Jack on here is in that area


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