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Thread: Mixing corn with kibbled maize

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    Mixing corn with kibbled maize

    We lost our part time keeper this season, which whilst a massive blow and meaning several of us are putting in a lot of time and effort, it has meant we are able to try new things without upsetting 'how it has always been done'.

    The first tof these has been straw feed rides which are working very well - I am now keen to try mixing the usual corn with kibbled maize.

    Does anyone do this and if so, top tips please.


    1. Is it worth mixing corn and kibbled maize (I have heard 1:10 ratio) or have seperate feeders
    2. Does it come out of feed springs or will I need to use the tube and plate design? (Haven't got the maize yet so can't check)
    3. Is kibbled maize a good loose feed on barley straw rides?

    Thanks for the help.


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    I have no experience of using kibbled maize for pheasants but we used to give it to your chickens and pigs for a while and if it gets damp it gets very sticky so I would think it will jam up a spring feeder.

    And if the pheasants are anything like the chickens and pigs I would think they may throw all the other feed out to get to the maize.

    But as I said I have no experience feeding it to pheasants.

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    You'll find it very good at attracting deer & badgers who'll knock the feeders over to get at it. Can be useful to sprinkle in areas where you might want birds to be & to create a bit of interest for the birds.

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    I mix maize with my wheat mixed with some aniseed I have it in a auto feeder over a straw ride my pheasants spend ages scratching about for it meaning less time walking off.

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    Sometimes the pheasants will empty hoppers to get the maize leaving the wheat on the ground, but on the whole they certainly prefer maize but the cost is too prohibitive to use it as the main feed.

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    To add kibbled maize seems to be an expensive way to go about things, perhaps solving a problem that doesn't exist in the first place. Pheasants are quite happy living off wheat and whatever they find naturally. I also add a bit of aniseed mixed with corn oil, mainly to create the attractive smell. (That's the way we've always done it ).

    To be honest, if the weather is reasonable and there's a fair bit of natural food, pheasants are just going to wander. The best ways to keep 'em local is a bit of dogging in and hoping for a cold snap later on to send them scurrying back to the feeders of their youth.

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    Make sure its kibbled maize. Its usually cut smaller than wheat and flows through feeders OK. Do not put to much in mix or will flow through spirals.
    Do not use it you don't have to its a very expensive feed and as said elsewhere some birds like to see the food falling to the ground and will spend all day emptying the feeders.
    Put aniseed in the feed, its a cheaper way.
    If you can get hold of an old cement mixer use that to mix the wheat and aniseed.
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    I tried it for a season and gained no real advantage from it. Lots of wasted wheat and feeders damaged more by Badgers than normal. I loose feed wheat where possible and find it gives the birds more to do naturally and only costs a bit more in the time it takes to do.

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    I would not add it to feeders for the aforementioned reasons brds will empty hoppers to get the maize leaving piles of wheat on the ground.

    I would try it, a few keepers round here all swear by it for holding birds but all feed it loose on straw rides. Even the keepers who hopper feed only put the maize out on straw rides.

    I still mix 50% of my hopers with ainiseed but if i'm honest don't think it makes the slightest bit of difference, but some people swear by it.
    Buy a few bags and mix it with some wheat and feed it in some woods and see if it makes any difference to ur shoot even change woods part way throu see if it is the feed or the wood?

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    Thanks guys, maize arrives tomorrow a will try it on the rides to start and see how we go.

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