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Thread: Hawke Vantage 22LR Subsonic Scopes

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    Hawke Vantage 22LR Subsonic Scopes

    Hello, as I only ever shoot subsonic ammunition through my .22's and am in the market for a new scope I wondered if anyone has any experience of the Hawke Vantage, either in 14231 or 14251 models ?

    Cheers, Martyn.

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    I use the 22LR ret version on one of my 22 rifles and it simply is unbeatable for the money. The only thing I'd offer is to take the ret markings at the suggested magnification with a pinch of salt as it depends on the ammunition used. Mine was the standard rimfire ret (the sub ret wasn't out when I ordered mine) and I was informed that the ret was accurate at 6x mag, but a few shots on the range confirmed accuracy at 4x magnification. Optics are impressively clear with good resolution, on a par with the Endurance range in my experience, and Chromatic aberrations are well controlled although just apparent at higher magnifications. For the price, they are unbeatable for rimfires. Hawke optics quality has come on well. I never rated any of their scopes up until now, but their latest generation seems to have moved the goalposts a bit. Can't speak for repeatability of turrets as I only ever use the ret system on mine to ensure accuracy.

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