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Thread: suitable bullets for Oryx

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    suitable bullets for Oryx

    Hi chaps, i will be off to Namibia next year the largesr animal we will be hunting will be Oryx. rifles used will be 270 win. and 30-06.
    i was thinking 150 grn for the 270 and 165 grn for 30-06. Anyone with experience any opinions.
    Thanks, Tusker

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    30/06 180 gr. Nosler Partiton. Perfect! Been there, done that.

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    I took mine with a 350gr soft point out of my 416 Rem Mag - never go under-gunned!

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    Nobler partition 30-06 180grain did the job on oryx and other plains game

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    Barnes TTXs performs perfectly, drills through bone and heavy muscle like a hot knife through butter, have always used them on my trips to Africa. deerwarden

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    I used 30-06 165 Hornady on Oryx this year in Namibia without problems. Also on Hartmanns Zebra.
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    For animals with tough hides and large bones, I like the Swift A-Frame and Trophy Bonded bullets. They open like the Partition, but retain 90% weight. Those of us who mostly hunt soft-skinned and smaller game like deer, sheep and antelope, we don't get to use these much, but I have been impressed with the 180-gr from the .30-06.

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