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Thread: The true smiling face of firearms licensing staff

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    The true smiling face of firearms licensing staff

    Check the latest NPCC (nee ACPO) unevidenced wish list of restrictions on shooters

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    already running on Pigeon Watch ,everyone very worried but the peeps in Northern Ireland already have only FAC ,with the chance to lose it cos your wearing the wrong socks .The end is nigh unless we join together as a unified voice and say sod off.Trouble is we are our own worst enemy and too many chiefs will not give up their stipend to unify and fight the shooting corner
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    In Scotland we're already on the road to having air rifles licenced from April next year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyEddie View Post
    In Scotland we're already on the road to having air rifles licenced from April next year.

    Well at least in Scotland , you can walk around with a rifle and no one bats an EYELID including a rifle case in a hotel reception

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    More Struggles on thier way for FAC holders?
    This thread has the link to the full FOI disclosure - althouth the link quoted by TfI is the fruitiest bit.

    It is alarming (though perhaps not surprising) to see what is going through the minds of the upper level of the Police on the subject of firearms licensing - it is almost as if they have seen the Law Commission review as an opportunity to suggest a list of increased restrictions based on whim rather than evidence: and supporting their general inclination to restrict law-abiding shooters as much as possible.

    To be fair, I suspect that the folks on the front line at the FLDs will not have had much input into this submission - but it does make one wonder about what's been going through the minds of the generally very-reasonable-sounding police representatives at, for example, FELWG.

    As I mentioned in the other thread, the removal of expanding bullets/ammuntion from S5 is the only suggestion which seems sensible. Even the change from five to ten-year validity falls down when you realise they want it to cost us the same per year in order to support some kind of '24/7 monitoring service for firearms incidents' - whatever that may mean.

    The focus seems to be on:
    1. Increasing costs (loss of free one-for-one, increase FAC/SGC and RFD duration without passing on the savings, charging for everything, including security visits and changes of address on certificates)
    2. Increasing restricitions, but without evidence that public safety will be improved thereby (loss of self-loaders, .5" rifles, FAC-type controls for shotguns, airgun licensing, tighter control on 'borrowing' firearms on private premises - the list goes on...) Even right of appeal to the Crown Court is removed: wheras originally this right was of appeal to the much cheaper, quicker and more local Magistrates' Court.

    I think it would be very useful if the authors of this submission, which after all is from one body of salaried public servants to another, were to justify their position in terms of the increase in cost and loss of freedom vs. increase in public safety.

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    Dalua I think a few of the proposals are very sensible and warrant further discussion e.g. returning expanding ammunition to section 1 status and removing the day to day administration of firearms from the police.

    The other proposals are all very fair also. No single type of shooting singled out, they simply attack every shooter and every shooting discipline. Even poor old miniature rifle clubs come in for attack. What's the matter with these people, bloody power crazed or what?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I just don't understand. What is the benefit of these proposals, other than the increased revenue (although that will be negated by the increases in bureaucracy).
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    Shh don't tell anyone but I think they may have missed one group off the list. They mention magazine capacities with .22 semi automatic rifles and shotguns but haven't mentioned magazine capacities with tactical rifles obviously an oversight or they would have attacked them also.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I wonder how many senior members of NPCC/Continuity ACPO are graduates of Common Purpose?

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    Anyone know what their respective shooting organisations are planning to say ? Anyone been asked what their views are ? is it likely you will know what your Org says and have chance to comment before its submitted? I am sending my own response and will be asking for a joint response from all shooting orgs via my organisation.
    A once in a lifetime opportunity, literally, to explain the needs of shooters and all I hear and see is the police view, ACPO at that, who want firearms ownership by individuals curtailed and oppressively controlled.
    Time to ask your organisation what it is doing/done. Whether it will be giving evidence verbally or in writing. Whether members should vote on the response prior to submission or 'trust' the Orgs to do it right. We are facing a potential lead shot ban thanks to a rogue and arrogant ex org chief, who has yet to be denounced other than by CA.
    We are facing stricter controls on firearms ownership and its not uppermost in conversation? A smaller shooting community is easily ignored and further oppressed with tighter rules, now is the time to react. Are you doing that or expecting someone may do it on your behalf ?

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