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Thread: RTA casualty pickup?

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    RTA casualty pickup?

    There is no detail of deer species

    The report states that he "sliced the deer's throat": Halal slaughter? The World Animal Protection UK (Never heard of them) statement links this to poaching, if it was an RTA casualty (there is no suggestion that he was involved in the RTA that injured it) then how is it a wildlife crime i.e. poaching?

    I can only think that the guy was prosecuted because according to the report he took it away alive and killed it away from where it was found. If he had killed it on the spot would that still be an offence?
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    Link redone, works now.

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    This s covered in other posts. He had shot it with an air rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wapinschaw View Post
    The report states that he "sliced the deer's throat": Halal slaughter?
    Not sure why some people automatically make that assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Not sure why some people automatically make that assumption.
    I didn't. I posed it as a question based on the circumstantial evidence of the reported individual's name, "Mian Zeshan Shahid" and his status as a "trainee butcher".

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    I saw the facebook post - they should have locked him up - he's an idiot

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    There was never ever going to be a prison sentence , there were a lot more options, seizing the car

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    The thread covering this is still rinning in the "Deer Stalking" section titled "Halal Venison" so I'm not bothering to post much on this thread. All I will add on this thread is that if post 20 by Sle on the "Halal Venison" thread is correct (I know nothing about the area but I have no reason to disbelieve Sle) and the land where he shot the animal with an air rifle is owned by the council then there is a very good chance that he did not have permission to shoot there - If this is correct then I am struggling to understand why he was not charged with "Armed Trespass".

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    I tend to agree FB, although maybe the CPS thought that it might be difficult to prove armed trespass?

    he said on Facebook that he shot the deer with an air rifle, but that's the only proof we have that that is how he incapacitated it.

    i understand that part of his defence in court was that he found the deer already injured, so all he would have to do in court would be to retract his Facebook statement (ie say he was just showing off and didn't actually shoot it), and armed trespass would be prettying unprovable, unless there was further evidence of it....

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