I have what used to be a .44 muzzle loading pistol which I no longer need.
I used it in Germany when anybody over the age of 16 could buy and use black powder muzzle loaders of any sort.
Before I left Germany I had the barrel destroyed and a solid barrel made but unfortunately I have since lost the fore sight when wearing it at Mess Country and Western nights !!
It has a wooden grip with brass a strap and trigger guard.
It is quite a solid piece of kit and would make a nice wall hanger or piece to wear if you are in to Cowboy parties !!
I am not sure if the engraving on the action can be seen but it has a wagon train and cowboy follower on one side and a person panning for gold with a bear watching him on the other. Each scene has lots of trees and scrub as background.
There are two leather holsters with it and will go with the gun complete.
I would like £55.00 to include postage.
I must repeat this is not, nor can it be made, active.Attachment 60988Attachment 60989Attachment 60990Attachment 60991