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Thread: Blaser r8 6.5 55 left handed bolt

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    Blaser r8 6.5 55 right handed bolt or left handed bolt option

    Rifle only very low round count 20 RdsAttachment 60993Attachment 60994Attachment 60995
    Pm me if your interested
    Now sold
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    Hi would you be interested in swapping you're left hand bolt for my right hand my rifle is new ,might help you to sell yours better

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    Would a r93 bolt fit a r8 rifle?

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    Interested would you take 1000 and sent to an RFD? Could pay you in 24hrs.

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    Thank you for that very low offer, worth a try but will have to say no
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    No problem it's there if you change your mind.

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    I take it that this is for the bare rifle, not with the scope mount?

    Is the barrel threaded?

    Damned shame its not right handed. Have a bump on me.

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    yes it bare rifle and its threaded and there is option of right handed also

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    Hello mmbeatle.

    With reference to your Blaser R8 6.5 x 55.
    I will go to 1275.00 for it.

    Best regards

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