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Thread: Wild Boar in Costa Brava, Spain

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    Wild Boar in Costa Brava, Spain

    Does anyone on here have any wild boar hunting knowledge / experiences in the area centred around Palafrugell (nearest airport Girona), like minded locals? If not, how about NW Spain? Looking for reasonable rates. No agencies thanks.
    Cheers, K

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    Have you tried the local hunting association ?
    Probably about 200 euros membership and you can go out nearly every night on what they call wait and await .


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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for this. Is there a recognised hunting association with a website I could visit?

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    Ask in the village they all seem to have their own club covering the area that makes up the village and its surrounding country side which can be massive.
    Ours is about 10kmx10kmx5km and that is one of the smaller ones . They are all legal and run by a president etc. The HQ is usually one of the local bars.
    The area you ask about should be quite good with plenty of game.The ground game and birds are usually free to hunt as are the Wild Boar. Permits for female and young Mountain Goats cost about 150euros for a tag and the males ( Ibex) about 750 euros per tag.
    They usually hunt three days a week October to February and the Boars can be shot at night just about all year round.
    If you have a house ask in the village as it is cheaper if you live in the area.

    Good Luck

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