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    range finder

    Hi im after a decent range finder i want something that is able to do a 1000 yards/meters plus i got a budget of about 450 quid i do like the leopolds but am i woundering if any of you guys now of any other good range finders out there for around that price range

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    I've got the Zeiss 8x26 prf and I'm happy with it. It was a little more, about 525 I think but very good glass and has worked well out to 1000m and the bullet drop calculator works well too. It is a fair bit larger than the Leupold 1000 I've also used but a similar weight. If you're planning on carrying it about a lot then the smaller size of the Leupold would be an advantage.

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    +1 for the Zeiss.

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    I have the Zeiss as well, very accurate and excellent optics, I've used Bushnells, MTC and PAO in the past but have total confidence in the Zeiss, better FOV than the others as well

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    Cheers guys i had a look at the ziess and the reviews seem to be good about them so I think I'll be getting 1 of them then tidy

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    Look at a used Leica 1600b too.
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    +1 for the Leica LRF

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    Look for a used Swarovski laser guide 8x30 (now discontinued) - I bought one recently from another forum member for 450 and it is absolutely superb.



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    I've a Leica Rangemaster 1200 CRF for sale if that's of interest?

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    The zeiss 8x26 is a fantastic bit of kit as I used to own one .

    If you want one with a smaller ranging circle and smaller for your pocket buy the leica crf. (had one too)

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