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Thread: Child's first air-rifle

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    Child's first air-rifle


    My 13-year-old daughter is just beginning to outgrow her beloved 1st air-rifle, so has decided to upgrade to something with a bit more clout. Rather reluctantly she's having to sell the old one to finance the new.

    It's an SMK15 in .177 calibre, and comes with:
    4x32 SMK scope (complete with original box, cleaning cloths, lens covers and instruction manual)
    Comb raiser (cammo neoprene) and two pads, with original packaging
    Basic clip-on bipod, with original packaging.
    Any pellets she's got left. (Her new rifle is .22)

    It's in fantastic condition, as she's really looked after it well. In fact the only thing that shows it's not brand new is a couple of small marks under the fore-end, where a bit of lacquer got rubbed off the wood while experimenting with a different bipod.

    My daughter is very small for her age, so this has lasted her well. It would suit a child from about 8 - 11 years I should think. The break barrel is easy for a child to operate as the spring isn't too powerful.

    It's remarkably accurate at normal plinking ranges. She uses spent shotgun cartridges as targets when practising, and seldom misses whether shooting off hand, off sticks or off the bipod. In fact, when shooting off the bipod she places the cartridges end-on, and still hits them! (I wish I could shoot like that!) She's also used it successfully for dispatching squirrels and rats caught in live-catch traps.

    Price is 60

    Not sure about delivery, but maybe I could wrap it up well and post it recorded delivery, labelled "Sports Equipment", or by courier. We'll have to come to some arrangement regarding the cost of this.

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