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Thread: points system for bad buyers/sellers?

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    points system for bad buyers/sellers?

    Does anyone else think that some sort of rating scheme for sellers on here might be a good idea?
    I paid for a rifle 3 months ago from a private seller on here. I wasn't in a particular rush for it so didn't push for swift delivery.
    When I chased it they said they hadn't received rfd details. Then there was another excuse then another....I have since searched on here and found that they seem to make a habit of it.
    I buy and sell loads of shooting related stuff as we all seem to do and always try to make payments quickly or post anything that I sell quickly. Its not always possible but I try.
    If I had known how the seller has performed in the past I would not have bought the gun.
    I have now had enough and will have a refund.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?


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    Obviously good sellers too.


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    Hi I think admin have enough to do. If I buy anything I pay for right away, if I sell anything (very little like to keep what I accumulate lol) I post next day. Simples.

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    Whilst the idea may seem attractive, I don't think it realistic to expect the site owners to provide this. It could well generate its own disputes etc. and be subject to misuse.
    The ads section is a free service provided to us all and the owners don't earn anything from it as such. A non-starter methinks.

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    I have never, well very rarely, seen a report of a bad deal done through this site but I have seen a few posts where recipients of deals done on the site have written their thanks and commented on how smooth and satisfied with their deals they were.

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    Another forum I used to go on for air rifles had a similar thing and it worked well but I have no idea how difficult it is to set up. I think it was part of the forum software but may be wrong and it would still need monitoring. Only way I could see it working was for the owners to appoint another trusted mod to look after it.

    If the person I am buying from is not a regular or well known name to me I always go on their profile and check their threads before doing the deal. And I've learnt the hard way that if it's of any value I will make sure I can collect or I'll wait until one pops up more local to me!

    I think you've just been unlucky mate as there are not that many bad eggs on here,


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    I can tell you now, this will not happen for all of the reasons posted above. From our point of view it is a lot of effort, eating into our precious time, for no discernible benefit. Plus as already stated the classifieds section is free for all to use and at the risk of sounding a bit dismissive, "you pays your money and you takes your chance". The thanks that is quite often expressed in the various threads far outweigh any complaints, so from a management view it is successful. So sorry for those that think it is a good idea, but this is the official line.

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    So there!! (I wish we had a tongue sticky out smiley!!)
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    Ok Edd,

    This has gone far enough buddy. If you really want to have this fight, let's have it!

    You purchased a BRNO from me for 100 3 months ago (it's and almost new rifle worth 3-4 times that), you did not send the RFD certificate and I even chased you on it. I will not post messages from you here in public, but your tone has been sharp and rude.
    I'm not charging you for months of storage costs either for the time since you bought it till you provided the RFD details.

    Facts are: you got an almost new brno for 100. I waited for ages for the RFD details, called you in late July to get them, which you sent over, and was in my spam folder for a few days until I found them by coincidence as you said you'd send over via phone message, but when I got them/found them in the spam, I had just left/was leaving next day for holiday for nearlly 4 weeks , I sent the rifle as soon as I got back home (sent 5th) (within 4 days), the item was sent and there's been two attempted deliveries to the address you provided, I did not ask for storage costs of the rifle for the time you did not provide an RFD certificate, I have been only helpful in chasing you for the RFD certificate before my holidays, and you have been nothing but sharp in your tone. One think I agree with which hasn't even been discussed, is why parcelforce 48 took 4 days to attempt delivery..not really my fault though,, but somewhat besides the point.

    Your post is very insulting to be honest, accusing me of xyz, and saying YOU chased me on the rifle when you hadn't even had an RFD certificate sent to me. You sent me an email or PM asking, and I reminded you to get me some RFD details sent over, which you did on the 2nd August by email, not via my phone like you said,,which then went into spam like mentioned.

    Yes, I've had failings as a buyer and seller in the past, I am sure everyone has had a cockup now and again, but I sure as hell have not on this instance and will not be accused of it either, especially in an insulting manner which seems like a straight up character attack.

    'I' personally think YOU owe ME an apology.

    As it stands right now, the rifle is sitting in a depot awaiting you to pick it up.

    So Edd, you will NOT have a refund because you have the rifle in your possession..when you get around to checking your mailbox for that attempted delivery slip my friend...

    Rifle was sent to GD Young - gunshop uk, address as per RFD certificate you sent me. Parcelforce attempted delivery twice at this address.

    If parcelforce did not leave an attempted delivery slip,,,that's not really my fault either...that said, I have just got off the phone with Parcelforce customer service who said there was a record of an attempted delivery slip being filled in and submitted on each instance... and, confirming the right address too..I am also now texting you back to tell you which post office you can retrieve the parcel at, tracking number and copy of receipt, and what documentation to bring. I hope this helps settle the matter,,forever!"!"

    copy of email below:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for forwarding this, I just found it in my spam folder when looking for something else, sorry, I thought you were sending it to my phone (which is what was said btw) so never considered searching my email. I will post the rifle when I return from holiday as I'm currently away. Sadly, had I found the document/email the day you sent it I would have been able to ship it just before leaving.

    Best wishes


    Screenshot form parcelforce tracking:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There is always 2 sides and as you have put your side openly on the forum well done PKL

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