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Thread: Optimal Fill Ratio?

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    Optimal Fill Ratio?

    Just playing around with quickload to see what the powders I have at home could "theoretically" be used for. Some have a fill ratio of around 88 to 89 % of the case, is there an optimum fill ratio?

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    The higher the better. I get pretty close to 100% with the powders I'm using. The powder fills right up to the case neck.

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    also run fairly full cases

    all of my .222 loads are slightly compressed with bullet seating (across 45-60gr bullets)
    one of my 300wm loads is compressed, the other is not far off
    only my 130gr .270 load is below where I would like it to be but I simply don't want to mess with what is a straight forward accurate round (albeit slower than factory spec)

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