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Thread: IOR 7X40 Binoculars

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    IOR 7X40 Binoculars

    Brand new and un-used pair of IOR binos, as currently available from Border Barrels

    I bought these with the intention of swapping them for my Leupolds, but to be honest I've become too attached to the Leupys and they haven't been given a look out, so are simply going to waste.

    They are a cracking piece of glass and I'm sure they will please whoever buys them.

    As I've said, they are brand new and un-used. 250 ono, recorded delivery, which is a good saving on the BB price, if they still have any


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    No they're not.

    To my shame, I am the time waster.

    My wife tells me this morning that my desire for a spare pair of bins is trumped by the state of our bank account. I am stuffed.

    Sorry David. I am sure you'd quickly find a new taker. They are very fine value, given the excellence of the glass within them.

    Meanwhile, I am about to don sackcloth and ashes in penitence.

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    They look like a newer version of the classic Checkpoint Charlie binos. The pair I have are very good indeed. They are focus free, in that you focus the individual eyepieces for your own sight and they don't need to focus them again.

    If I didn't already have three pairs of binos I'd be sorely tempted, particularly if the quality is anything like my IOR scope!


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    No worries Kev. At least you are being honest!

    Any other takers?


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    Novice - much appreciate you being so understanding. A non-essential - even though a bargain - is a no-no in this household, or so it would seem at the moment. I looked through IOR scope optics on Friday for the first time thanks to Willie_Gunn and I was impressed. If the bins are the same optical quality, then they are a bargain.
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    Another PM sent

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    I take it there are no other takers at 250 then?


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    Sold to Dovebob, subject to funds clearing


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