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    Ten years stalking, member of East Sussex Warden scheme for RTC's. An office wallah hunting foxes with hounds mounted, deer with SAKO .243 with 6x42 Swaroski. Love my semi auto H&K .22 LR with peep sight as found on H&K tactical gear. Disappointed that by law I cannot use my .410 shot pistol to despatch as it is an ideal tool, but am allowed to use a .243 or 30-06 at night standing on the highway in full view of motorists !

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    welcome, im not sure a passing motorist would be able to tell what cal rifle your using, could be a bsa meteor for all joe public cares. join in with your dissapointment in the legal secion! all moaning seems to be very welcome.


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    Welcome to the site from another east sussex deer warden
    The joys of having CP running the show regarding your 410 im afraid

    ATB Steve

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