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Thread: Kennel recommendation please

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    Kennel recommendation please


    I'm looking to buy a new kennel with run for my two dogs, both to be housed together. Looking on line, there seems to be a few suppliers selling almost identical kennels but I can't find much in the way of independent reviews. Can anyone recommend a good kennel supplier or more importantly, any that I should avoid.

    thanks in advance.


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    kennel build based in wigan a couple of lads on here have used them,if thats any help ,,i think norma 308 was one on here ?

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    Yep timberbuild ltd of Wigan built what I needed not cheap rubbish like I've had before ie duchy kennels ended up rebuilding that .
    The boss is called mark
    cheers Norma

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    KM Dog Trailers - Products

    If I was starting again I would buy one of these.

    There are a couple of agents on here, do a search and you should find the threads.



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    Interested in this too if anyone has any recommendations

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    KM dog trailers trailers, I wouldn't use any other. Got 2 kennels from them, one over 10 years ago and still like new.
    Although there are agents on here I didn't have any response from them so I dealt with the owner/director, very helpful and had the kennel built within 15 mins. If you would like his number just send me a PM.


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    Timberbuild. Have had many types over the years, bought a double from them about 7 years ago, best quality I had seen, made changes I wanted and still looks like New now.

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    Another vote for Timberbuild, had mine for a few years now, can change designs to suit your needs, I had mine adapted for my two Jacks, excellent quality.

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    Stacey above put me onto KM trailers & kennels in Ireland

    Excellent service
    Excellent product
    Brought by himself to my door
    They also have Facebook page

    Most who seen my kennel & run are impressed

    Wouldn't buy any other


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    Try the 'kennel store' on line for galvanised run sections, doors, sleeping apartments etc. Geat quality, cheap and easy to assemble, and delivered within a couple of days.


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