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Thread: A good days stalking.

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    A good days stalking.

    Well guys I was out with a client after some good bucks I've spotted recently, starting at daybreak this morning. We went to a wood where I knew there was a good buck working and sure enough as soon as it got light we spotted him going back into the wood! Typical of those big old bucks! We then stalked down into another wood nearby and onto a buck I'd seen last week, he was out with 5 others in the middle of a setaside strip catching a few rays.

    Then this evening we went to another rape field nearby and took this buck at 17:00.

    We headed back to the wood where we saw the big buck in the morning and there was another big (medal class) buck out feeding on the other side with another 4. We were just in the final part of the stalk and he decided to head back into the wood :rolleyes:
    So we headed over to sit for the other buck we'd seen in the morning. This was the 4th time I'd seen this buck in a week and I knew he was a good beast. As he was the first into the wood in the morning, true to form, he was the last out at night! We shot him with about another 10 minutes of daylight left.


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    Mark good man lovely animals there mate. cant wate till friday im up for the weekend in scotland

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    A productive day then?!?

    And it looks as though the sun gods were smiling on you too....result!
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    Very nice going and some nice beasts as well .

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    Great day!

    Well done

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    Nice set of racks fella well done.

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    Thanks guys.
    Here's a pic of the heads cleaned off this morning.
    The big buck is weighing in at 650g for the moment.


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