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    decoying gear

    1 heavy duty rotary with arms and adjustable wires for dead birds,ten half shell pigeons half a dozen fud pigeons ,largish dry cell battery off a mobility scooter for rotator, two dry cell alarm batterys for two flapper boxes one with a micro timer on it,four hide poles in bag maybe some netting if i can find any,rotator in a green canvas kit bag,all used but in good working order the flappers are about 18mths old,just not being used ,,70quid the lot or eighty delivered within reasonable distance of wigan,,,if the lot goes i will throw in 100 shells, update just found some eezy wobblers and some other flat blade things for the half shells and a neoprene cartridge belt ridgeline as new ,and a couple of old flappers for the rotator,and three folding spikes with crocodile clips on for dead birds!,,,or maybe interested in swapsies for owt deer related powder primers for 6,5 etc as ive not started reloading yet,,,,,,doug
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