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    First Stalk

    Well finally, I got round to it, and managed to get out with Arron. Here is the write up,

    1 x Roebuck - 4 points
    1 x Doe
    2 x kids (twins)

    Rifle, Sako M591 in .30.06

    I headed off to Arrons house at 13:40 for a quarter past 3 meet, rather eager and excited, its only 50 minutes away! I arrived in good time and it was a steady run down the A59 from Southport to Clitheroe.

    We had a chat with regards to the stalk, what we would be using, and then proceeded to have a natter over a cracking brew. We then left, and tested zero on the rifle and to make sure I was comfortable using it, I was more than happy with it, a lovely rifle to shoot and Arron was happy with my shot placing on the target and the zero on the rifle. So, we then headed off for a quick drive to see if anything obvious was showing itself, however Arron was slight unsure if we would see anything due to the grass being cut, bailed and picked up, his instinct was bang on and we didn't see anything.

    Next we headed over to a nice piece of ground, with some white grass and a copse, where Arron was hopeful until we saw the cattle, however we decided to have a wonder, so we drew on to the field and disembarked. On foot now, we chatted quietly glassing every 5-10 paces as Arron was sure it was a very promising spot regardless of the cows however they were not helping and glassed and set the rifle up on the sticks just in case, and waited a good while to see if anything showed, however nothing presented itself. So we decided to glass and walk the next field but again to no avail so we walked back to the truck which was being mobbed by last years very inquisitive heifers.

    We then drove a short distance to another farm, glassing on the way there. We pulled in but the wind was completely wrong for where we wanted to stalk. However we continued on which paid off, as I spotted a Roe, unsure of sex at this time in a wood. I told Arron and we reversed but I almost certain it saw me and would of been gone, however much to my surprise she was still there, we managed to identify the sex. We drove on some way, and then wind change to our favour and was straight in our face now. We gingerly glassed and walked up to 200 yards of her, then stalked very slowly behind a dry stone wall into a 100 yards and watched for a while, then two twins came out, and shortly followed, the buck, my heart stopped and almost shouted to Arron, but he had spotted it long before me! We then stalked into I would say 50/75yds of him, and it started, the butterflies and the shaking you know the feeling but we just could not get a safe shot on him and when we thought he would present himself, they winded something and were off, however Arron was positive they did not know we where there. We then chatted about what we would do next, and Arron gave me the choice, either to walk the next block of woodland or come round and try to cut them off on the other end of the wood. I decided to go for the latter and off we went. The field running alongside the woodland was also full of bleeding cows! Which I may add were far more inquisitive than the last lot! The wind was still right for us to stalk down the ride however before we entered we came up to a stone wall again and Arron peered round, AND he was there, 20 yards in front of us, but Arron thought he had spotted him as he got on his toes and was off, but no bark, so not 100% sure we bumped him. We decided to go into the wood anyway, and Arron asked me to take the lead in case a quick shot presented itself, I had been following his lead as again I was given the choice and wanted to watch Arron and pick up on what he did. We saw movement down the ride 200yards away, but couldn't get a positive I.D however we were sure it was him, he was giving us the right run around. So back off to where we started and glassed but he was long gone.

    As the light was starting to fade we decided to walk along the other woodland to which borders Arrons ground, and at this point the light had started to fade, and we didn't see anything else other than the 4 before. We had a wait where Arron said they use to cross but nothing wanted to play, so we walked back over to where we started, and a chap walked down the track, so if he was in there it knackered the job right up, such is life. We then both came to a mutal decision that the light had gone and to call it, and I also told Arron if he was in there, I would of not been happy taking the shot due to the lack of the light and risk wounding the deer.

    Although I didn't grass my first, I still can not thank Arron enough for taking me out and lets be honest, it isn't all about shooting every deer you see is it, it's equally as nice just to be able to observe them without them knowing you are there. He will be there for another day no doubt.

    If there is anyone else reading this, like me, who is unsure who to go with etc I would not hesitate to recommend Arron, he gave me the choice of everything and gave me choices of where to go, instead of saying we are going here here and here. I will certainly be going back up with Arron, and depending on his head tomorrow maybe out again tomorrow afternoon. It has started, now the long road of addiction to stalking!

    I hope you all enjoy reading this, as much as I did writing it up and also the stalking too.


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    Good write up mate, good luck with your future outings, the more your out the more chance you have of grassing one.Is Arron a paid stalking guide? If he is you wouldn't mind pm ing me his number would you mate( obviously if that's OK with him)



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    Nice write up and it's only time before you grass your first . Oh and the butterflies you describe never seem to go away no matter how many deer you see or shoot. Welcome to an expensive addiction lol. As for Aaron never stalked with him but met him once when he gave me some red deer skin & feet for dog training, seems a real decent bloke, I don't think you could go wrong there

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    Very well done to you both nice write up ,i havn,t met arron yet, spoke on here a few times and ive met a couple of lads that did their dsc1 with him ,,,all kind words from everyone, regards doug,

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    He's a true great stalker and a gent!

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