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Thread: .30 calibre alternatives

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    .30 calibre alternatives

    Folks -

    Been using 125 gn Nosler Ballistic Tips in 30-06 and 308 for some 10 years now and have huge confidence in them for their accuracy and knock-down ability. However, one has to use them on the understanding that their behaviour in the case of a boiler room shot might sometimes produce an undesirable degree of meat damage.

    This last season I had a string of three animals - dense woodland - where boiler room was the only practical option. The results have set me thinking about sourcing an alternative to the BTs, with comparable levels of accuracy. I do want to stick to 125 gns or very near, on the grounds of bullet drop.

    30-06 barrel is a Walther super match grade 10" twist. .308 is Tikka M65 heavy with, I believe, also a 10" twist.

    Any advice, opinions or suggestions gratefully received.

    KevinF -

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    May I suggest the Hornady 130 grn SP #3020. I have used it a couple of .30 cal rifles with superb results. Accuracy is outstanding and the Deer tend to drop dead when requested what more could one want.

    Now I have to admit that I have not been able to find the perfect load using this bullet in my 30-06 but in the .308 and the 30-30 they will put three shots touching. I will just have to try another powder/charge weight/ primer combination in the 30-06 methinks.

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    use something else and you might have to shoot it twice!!

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    Kevin I agree with Gary (for once )

    Shoot it once, put it down and then worry about the carcass. You only need to lose one or two and you will be back on the noslers.

    What meat can you damage putting a bullet through its ribs? Goes in the bin or in the sausage offcuts most of the time. Some times you will get a fragmented one but it happens in all bullets.

    just me tuppenceworth.

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    Barnes 130g tsx, you wont have much meat damage at all


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    I heat treating 100, two hundred and twenty grain .30 caliber cast bullets as I type! No meat damage at all!!~Muir
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    I use a .308 with 150grn Hornady SST's, they look like BT.s, are very accurate and dont do as much meat damage, oh and by the way, they do drop on the spot

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    Damage is a fact of life and if you want deer to drop then dont worry about the meat. I use 129g sst,s on Roe and they all fall over damage yes there is runners not very many . Wouls i swap for less damage and more runners no there is alway an oposite.

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    Choc: Common sense! Gotta damage them to kill them!~Muir

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    i also use 150g sst's in my 308.......blimmin brilliant!


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