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Thread: spam and trash

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    spam and trash

    Can any of you guys who are computer pros help ? is there anyway of stopping spam emails im getting pi**ed off with getting about 30 -50 a day. every man and his dog are sending me spam e mails everything from plan your funeral to screwfix . thanks

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    Many of them, if they are genuine companies such as Screwfix have, usually at the bottom of the page in the small print an unsubscribe link. Try that and most respectable companies will knock you off their list.

    The harder ones are those who might be dodgy companies. You can always use the filter that comes with your email program, where you can specify what ones you accept and which ones automatically go into the "junk" or "spam" folder, so they don't end up in your inbox, then you can just delete them all in one go every so often.

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    sounds like your email is out there with the spammers, if you click unsubscribe on certain ones they senf you some more, you may need to change it if it continues its a way of confirming your email account is live then they spread it around some more

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