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Thread: Weight of rifle

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    Weight of rifle

    Does anyone take weight into consideration it Never bothered me too much about weight of rifle until I had problems with left arm .im right handed but even so with rifle scope moderator bipod and sling it still comes to 9.8pound . Am I light compared to other set ups or heavy .cheers

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    I certainly did as I am trailing over hill and dale when I am stalking. I bought a synthetic stock and a light moderator. I dunno what weight it is but I regard it as my "mountain rifle."

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    Mine is 11 pounds without the bipod and doesn't bother me at all...

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    heavier rifle helps with recoil on the larger calibre's.

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    weight of mine not an issue but the mod makes it top heavy which is annoying

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    Weight is good in a steam roller. Anything else it's just weight. And badly balanced weight is just heavy.

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    Forgot to add , 11 pounds without the bipod and no mod . And i'm shooting a .270 (obviously unmoderated )

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    Even if one starts with a very lightweight rifle such as a T3 light at ~2.8kg one can load weight on via heavy scope, heavy mounts, moderator and bipod. Always a good idea to weigh all components and make a decision if each are really needed or the right choice. I prefer a very light stock but don't mind a slightly heavier robust scope. Ultralight moderator is a must. Bipods are really annoying but very useful for a longer shot so it mostly stays on.
    My lightweight rifle is also around 9.9lb with heavy S&B scope, moderator and harris. I found the best way to cope with the weight is to get a rucksack type sling and have swivel studs on the side of the rifle.

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    My Parker hale Safari in .270 feels quite heavy. I've never bothered weighing it but when I put the bipod and T8 Moderator on it the weight goes up quite significantly and I know all about it when I'm out on foot foxing in the evenings and night - There's nothing worse than coming across a fox at range when you're puffing and panting towards the end of a long hard session and struggling to hold the rifle on a steady aim - Even with shooting sticks!
    I have now been offered a very nice Steyer Mannlicher by the chap that I used to do a lot of culling for as he wants me back on the culling team.
    I believe that I would be a fool to refuse it as it will cost me next to nothing (Maybe even a straight swap for the Parker Hale without moderator) If I do this swap I will be thinking about putting a lighter moderator on it to keep the weight down a little more!

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    Have a single shot break barrel in heavy calibre, magnaported barrel so no moderator. Very light with scope not even six pounds. Kicks like a mule,but being ancient when walking miles it's a treat to carry. Only firing two or three shots every time out I would rather suffer the abuse it gives me than carry anything heavier.
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